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Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

“I haven’t sat down for 20 years,” George told me when he entered my office.

In my 18 years practicing Osteopathy, I thought I had seen it all…

But I’d never seen back pain as bad as George’s pain.

It was so excrutiating, he had designed his life around standing…

He ate his dinner in 5 minutes flat whilst sat on an exercise ball. He never ate in restaurants.

He didn’t travel. Anywhere.

Didn’t go shopping.

Hadn’t worked for the past 5 years.

And when he and his wife had recently been to buy a car and, they couldn’t get the one she wanted because he couldn’t sit in the seats.

That’s when his wife snapped…

And luckily for George… and his marriage… his wife booked him an appointment with me.

I was the ‘100th’ specialist he had seen, he told me.

After he told me he hadn’t sat in 20 years, he said this…

“You won’t be able to help me"

“I’ve seen Neuro's, Physio's, Osteo’s, Chiro’s, Acupuncturists,” he continued…

I’ve had injections, pain medication, back supports, new mattresses, ergonomic chairs… you name it I’ve tried it. Nobody has ever been able to help me in 20 years, so why should you? ” 

Guess what?

With one tiny brain trick I showed George, 3 weeks later George was pain free.

For the first time in 20 years he was sitting at his dinner table on a normal chair. He was driving around in the car his wife wanted. And after 20 years of staying local, he was planning a holiday abroad with his grandchildren.

What made the difference? What’s the trick? And how can it help you with your back pain?

Let me show you…
Your Brain Holds The Key To Back Pain Relief
It's easy to take a pain killer for your back pain. But the pain always comes back.


A pain killer simply blocks the pain signals to your brain. For a while. It doesn't solve anything.

The smarter way to stop your back pain would be to switch the pain signals off altogether. At source. No signals to the brain = no pain.

Makes sense doesn't it? 

If you’re a long term back pain sufferer, you’re going to remember today as the day your pain ended for good. Because in a moment I’m going to show you a simple method which can wipe away your back pain… no matter how bad it’s been and no matter how long you’ve been plagued by it. 

A bold statement I know. 

But as you’ll see in just a moment, what you’re about to discover is a very different method for eliminating even the worst forms of back pain. And it works without any medications… without any crazy treatments… and without any long, drawn-out therapy. 

In fact, as you’ll see, this method works by activating a unique part of the brain which instantly shuts-off your back pain… and keeps you pain free forever. 

And… NO… this isn’t hocus-pocus or anything woo-woo. Everything you’re about to see has been proven in the medical trenches over the past decade. 
Hi. I’m Coby Langford. I'm an award winning U.K. Osteopath. This is me:
As an Osteopath to elite athletes, I’ve been responsible for eliminating the back pain of players at Liverpool Football Club. As part of their medical team, and over the past 10 years helping private clients, I’ve discovered what I believe is the fastest, most effective way for anyone to say goodbye to back pain forever. 

The unique program called The Soothe Method, is the fastest & most effective way to resolve muscular back pain… and keep it away. 

And in this video presentation I’m going to share it with you. 

I know you probably spent today shuffling from one room to another, scared to pick up a pair of socks in case it sent your back into spasm. I know that you live either in pain, or in fear of pain. 

I know that you count down the hours until you can take your next painkiller. You feel like your life has been taken away from you, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Deep down, you are terrified that this is it for you now. A life of unremitting, uncontrollable pain. 

You have tried everything. And yet you still wake every morning with a vice like grip around your low back. You have to wait 10 minutes before you can move properly. You dread your day because you know it is just going to be filled...with….pain.

So in the video below I'm going to share with you something that might just change your life forever...
Even Your Doctor Doesn't Know This Science
The surprising culprit that triggers the majority of back pain is so simple, it’s often missed by every back pain specialist. Why? Because they don't keep up with the research. They would rather just give you pain relief tablets and send you away to 'rest up' and 'wait it out' than take 10 minutes to learn about the life-changing results coming out of the research labs.

I'm livid. These so-called back pain experts are giving you 'plasters' to cover up your pain, when they should be giving you real solutions that give you your life back. 

While they are playing golf and enjoying life, you are trapped in an invisible prison of pain, unable to even move without fear of triggering a back spasm, waking with a vice-like grip around your low back, unable to pick your children up or even go shopping without suffering embarrassing levels of pain.

The truth is, Doctors are not trained to treat back pain. They are trained to identify if back pain is being caused by a medical condition that needs treatment (such as a kidney infection or cancer), but beyond that they are stumped. If your back pain doesn't require medical investigation, and pain killers and physio doesn't work, they have no more answers for you.

Only 10% of back pain requires medical intervention. That leaves 90% of back pain sufferers living reliant on pain killers.

If you’re like me, you have little tolerance for bad advice in any area of your life. So why should that be any different when it comes to your health? If you are sick of being at the mercy of 'experts', and ready to educate yourself and take CONTROL of your back pain, read on...

This is what 18 years in clinical practice and studying the research has taught me:


Your brain is the control center of your body. The server, the head office, the General of the body. What it says, goes. 

At birth everything was ‘wired’ correctly. 

But something happens in back pain sufferers that changes the natural neurological processes, like a glitch, re-programing the system, eventually resulting in back pain.

So What's The 'Glitch'?
Before I explain what the glitch is, you need to know one thing:

90% Of Back Pain Is Muscular 
How do we know this? Research. Over decades. *14,15,16

Only 10% of back pain requires medical attention. That 10% includes disc injuries, cancer, kidney infection, arthritis, spondylolysthesis etc. 

Research has shown us that the source of this remaining 90% of back pain is the back muscles. *19,20,23,

The Actual Structures That Send Pain Signals 
To Your Brain Are Your Back Muscles.
What triggers a muscle to send a pain signal to the brain? 


Tight muscles send pain signals to your brain. FACT. * 5,11,16,

Take it or leave it. I’m just giving you the FACTS.

You will know yourself that tight muscles cause pain if you have ever experienced a back spasm.

(If you want to know what a back spasm is, watch this short video:)

But WHY Do Back Muscles Get So Tight?
Because of the glitch...

Before you move in any direction, the brain instructs your body which muscle to use to achieve the movement. It’s we call ‘recruiting’. 
“Prior to limb movement, the brain prepares the trunk for the impending perturbation by preparatory activation of the trunk muscles, so-called anticipatory postural adjustments (Belen'kii et al., 1967).

In Back Pain Sufferers, 
The Brain Is Recruiting The WRONG Muscles 
Altered trunk muscle recruitment in people with low back pain 
(Paul W. Hodges, Carolyn A. Richardson, 1999)

"Subjects with low back pain failed to recruit TrA or OI in advance of limb movement. The results indicate that the mechanism of preparatory spinal control is altered in people with lower back pain for movement at a variety of speeds."

This Causes Back Pain 
MUSCULAR back pain is essentially the muscles that are being used incorrectly, sending a signal to the brain to tell it that somthing is wrong. The troops are not happy! 

To help you understand this I'm going to give you a sneaky peak at one of the videos I recorded for the members of my back pain academy:

From birth, the brain is programmed to contract muscles in a certain order.

But in back pain sufferers this natural, innate sequence of contraction is GLITCHED.

Back pain sufferers show ‘altered’ muscle recruitment. More specifically, altered TRUNK muscle recruitment. *24. They also show delayed contraction of certain muscles. *22

This means certain muscles in your back are carrying out a job they were not designed to do.

The end result of this is back pain. 

To help you understand this I'm going to give you a sneaky peak at one of the videos I recorded for the members of my back pain academy:

It really is that simple.

A famous 19th century British anatomist, Charles Beevor was decades ahead of his time, and described this situation perfectly in a lecture to the Royal College of Surgeons in 1903 titled "On Muscular Movements and their Representation in the Central Nervous System":

He simply stated:
"The brain does not know muscles, 
only movement"
Simplified, this translates as this: The brain doesn’t mind which muscles do a movement, as long as the movement gets done! 

If a soldier is in the lunch tent having a sandwich, the General won’t see him, and will recruit the 10 soldiers outside the tent, right in front of him that he can see and hear.

And so it is with the brain. 

When you want to move a leg or arm etc, the brain will ‘recruit’ the muscles most easily ‘contactable’. Speed is of the essence with the brain - it is black and white and non-preferential about which muscles it recruits. 

So why does the brain recruit the wrong muscles?
Life happens. Many traumatic and non-traumatic events happen to you, that without you knowing, cause this glitch. 

Giving birth, an operation, a disc bulge, a car crash, stress, or simply holding poor posture for many years, causes the brain to stop recruiting the core stabilising muscles.

Here’s why:

All the above events, cause major increased levels of muscle tension in your body. 

When you hit a high level of tension for any of the above reasons, your brain receives a MASSIVE influx of signals firing from the movement muscles. Imagine the M6 motorway at rush hour, opposed to the B53 on a Tuesday afternoon. It is incomparable. 

This massive overload of neurological impulses from the movement muscles literally over-rides ALL signals from the core muscles. The brain literally can’t ‘hear’ or receive the signals from the core muscles, and forgets about them. It can happen suddenly (giving birth, operation, car crash), or slowly over time (poor posture, stress).

Just like that.

Connection interrupted.

The brain stops recruiting the core muscles. Sometimes overnight.

Research has shown us that for some unknown reason, once this connection is lost, it CANNOT re-establish itself automatically. (*21) 

The core muscles are afloat at sea without a radio, waiting for a lifeboat.

If the core muscles are not being used, the movement muscles in the back then have to move you AND stabilise you - twice the amount of work they were designed to do. And also, COMPLETELY contradictory actions. 

No-one likes doing someone else’s job as well as their own right? It’s not fair. And it’s also not POSSIBLE without some repercussion. A human being that has to do the job of another as well as their own for a long period of time will eventually get tired, and have a breakdown. 

Well guess what? Back movement muscles are the same - they get tired! And what happens when they get tired? They HURT! Like hell!

This concept is one of the most important facts about back pain that you need to understand - because it TOTALLY and utterly explains why you are in pain. 

Knowledge Is Power. If you can understand this, you are taking one step further out of the invisible cage of pain you are trapped in.

Because nobody and nothing has 'done' this to you. And nobody and nothing is stopping you from taking steps to change this situation.

I explained this whole concept in a video for my Back Pain Academy Members:

This situation can remain for years and years and years.

Years of escalating pain and spasms and loss of basic functionality.
Multifidus Muscle Recovery Is Not Automatic After Resolution of Acute, First-Episode Low Back Pain  [Hides; Richardson; Jull,1996]
"Multifidus muscle recovery is not spontaneous on remission of painful symptoms. Lack of localized, muscle support may be one reason for the high recurrence rate of low back pain following the initial episode."

But here's the good news:

Because of this...
...YOU are in complete control of your back pain. 

YOU are the only person on this beautiful green planet, who can resolve your back pain. Everyone else, all the experts can assist you and guide you, but YOU are ultimately responsible and in total control of whether you live in chronic high level back pain or not.

A bold statement I know, but truer than the sky is blue and grass is green.

Let me explain…

The brain can be re-programmed to 
recruit the CORRECT muscles, 
automatically SWITCHING OFF
the pain signals being sent to the brain.

Thanks to research, we actually know EXACTLY which muscles go quiet, and EXACTLY how to re-activate them. It’s what is known as core activation.

But you’ve probably already tried core activation exercises right? I know you have. Every back pain sufferer has. And you are still in pain.

 Why Do Core Activation Programs Fail?
A: People are ignoring the research.
Core activation is NOT muscle strengthening 
process, it is neurological re-connection process. 
It is a brain re-programing process. 

If you learn to correctly activate your core muscles, your movement muscles 
will start to relax and let go - they will melt like ice-cream.

Can you imagine what that would feel like? 
The biggest problem with reactivating core stability is that You are not in conscious control of the most important core muscle: MULTIFIDUS

You are in conscious control of your movement muscles, but not your core muscles.

This means YOU CANNOT CONSCIOUSLY CONTRACT MULTIFIDUS. It is a subconsciously controlled muscle. It is contracted when the brain decides to contract it. And the brain has forgotten that it exists.

Most people don't understand this.

Most people assume core activation is STRENGTH training. This couldn't be further from the truth and is the reason most core activation programs fail.

You think you are activating your core muscles, but you are actually completely missing them and tightening your already tight muscles. 99% of people prescribing core activation exercises don’t know this.

But don’t worry - I’ve got you covered - you’re about to become one of the 1% that does know how to effectively re-activate core stability.

The ONLY thing that will re-activate core stability is getting enough neurological impulses firing from the core muscles up to the brain so that the brain 'remembers' the core muscles and starts recruiting them again.
This is my secret.

Dr Hilary Jones, GMTV

“I wish there was a Coby in every G.P. surgery. The conventional medical fraternity are very poor at diagnosing back pain and sorting it out. We don’t assess properly, we just say rest up and give it 6 weeks, when actually rest is the last thing you should do. You should be strengthening those weak muscles as the muscles support the spine and ease the pain. Where painkillers have side effects, Coby’s treatments don’t!”

Pepe Reine, Goalkeeper, Liverpool FC, Spain National Team

“Coby is the missing link my training was waiting for. After a career plagued by back spasms, I have not missed a day of play due to back pain since working with Coby. In my entire career I have never found anything as effective as Coby's program for resolving back pain”

Joe Cole, Liverpool F.C.

“Coby resolved my chronic back pain, and I now use the techniques she taught me in my daily training program”

Research Has PROVED This Is the Only Way To Resolve Muscular Back Pain And Doctors Around The Globe Now Advocate This Approach Above ALL Others


“Muscular Back pain responds to the correct exercise program”.  


The NHS, N.I.C.E Guidelines, BUPA and Governments now all advocate exercise programs as the solution to back pain following the overwhelming research proving that the majority of back pain is muscular:

But I know you have probably tried many exercises program already right? And they didn't work... which is devastating...

So Why Do Exercise Programs Fail?
Because the people designing them do not understand this science. They do not utilise the brain in the exercise program.

Without re-connecting the brain to the back muscles, an exercise program CANNOT successfully resolve back pain.
When you achieve neural control, your muscles will feel strong like they haven't felt in YEARS! You will physically feel them supporting you, as they were designed to, rather than dragging you to the floor and stopping you walking. Your back muscles are your SUPPORT - not your enemies.

You will know that you have re-activated your core and re-balanced your muscles successfully when you are standing in a queue and you hit the 10-15 minute marker when your dull ache usually kicks in - instead you will feel the abdominals twitch,  and the innate strength of your muscles stabilising you - pain free. I know this because this is what my patients have told me has happened to them after they have diligently followed my advice.

Anne Whitehouse, UK

"On day 7 something very weird happened…..weird and remarkable. I was standing in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when suddenly the pain disappeared. I found myself standing without pain for the first time in years. I was astonished!!

More than that, I had a totally alien sensation through my body which I can only describe as a ‘rooted’ feeling. I can honestly say that I do not remember feeling like this at any point in my adult life. It was totally strange to my body, and yet very good indeed.

That night I my usual choir rehearsal which involves standing while singing – requiring a lot of muscular support – for 3 hours. Normally this is a really challenge for me and I have to shift my weight from leg to leg trying to ease the discomfort. On this night I can honestly say it was a new experience. I was able to stand straight, and actually comfortable, with no need to lean or sit, and that lovely supported, rooted sensation was there the entire evening.

It’s clear what this is – this is the stabilising muscles in my back having switched on again. What is totally evident from my experience is that mine had indeed been switched off for most of my life, just as Coby’s programme stated."
 Re-Balancing Muscles Is A Delicate Science
Most people get it wrong
When the core muscles de-activate, the movement muscles intelligently learn NEW MODES OF ACTION. 

This has to be corrected.

By the time you get chronic back pain and spasms, the movement muscles are tight, shortened, weakened, and set in their ways. They’ve adapted to their new way of life.

Correcting this is an ART - a science, a delicate process of understanding how to TRANSITION muscles from short, tight & weak, to relaxed and strong. 

It's easy if you know how, but impossible if you don't.

Even stretching is not straightforward. Done incorrectly, stretching can injure your tissues. Especially in back pain sufferers. 

Some Stretches Are Dangerous 
Back pain sufferers have an extremely elevated level of muscle tension.

Because of this, some exercise programs can strain your muscles, causing injury.

In the world of Osteopathy, we use a technique called ‘M.E.T’ (Muscle Energy Technique). This technique works with the deep spinal reflex to activate the neurological release and relaxation of a muscle. I have found this technique unbeatable for releasing chronically tight and post-spasm muscles.

Any Exercise Program For Back Pain MUST 
Incorporate M.E.T Based Stretching Techniques 
To Be Effective.
Add it as your list of facts as a non-negotiable part of your recovery program. 


If you only stretch and activate your core, and don’t strengthen, your back will become destabilised and cause a spasm.

Your movement muscles also need strengthening. Because to compensate for your inactive core muscles they have become chronically shortened and tightened, which makes them very weak.

This is why you have heard so often that you need to ‘strengthen your back’.
If you strengthen too early, your muscles will go into spasm, even if you have activated your core. They are already too tight. Movement muscles have to be stretched out and relaxed enough FIRST - in order to be able to ‘accept’ the strengthening exercises. 

Strengthening exercises must be started at EXACTLY the right time .

Oooh….it’s getting confusing and complicated now isn’t it?
Luckily for you, your new best friend (that’s me!) has perfected the art of muscle re-balancing down to a simple, straightforward, easy process. It’s been my life’s work to figure this method out. (much to the dismay of my patients who have been my willing guinea pigs!).

The first thing I will tell you is it takes time. And patience. And quite a lot of chocolate! 

In my experience, complete, permanent muscle rebalancing and core re-activation takes 6 weeks.

“6 WEEKS?” I hear you cry! “That’s such a long time!!!”


How long have you had back pain? How many days / weeks / months of your life has back pain stolen from you already? Do you really think you can resolve years of back pain in a weekend?

You can’t. It’s not possible.

And if anyone tells you it is possible, run (or hobble slowly) as far away from them as quickly as you can. People who give you that advice are the people who do not understand back pain, and will potentially injure you further through sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge.

You can OF COURSE get pain relief very quickly - 
all you have to do is relax the muscles with a few stretches. 
My YouTube Subscribers will tell you that!

But It Will Come Back! 
 We are looking for a complete, long term resolution, to ‘leap frog’ you out of this cycle of pain and spasm, and into a new world, where you are in complete control of your life again.

Eyes on the prize my friend!

The Second Secret To The Brain Being 
The Root Solution To Resolving Back Pain

There is overwhelming evidence that shows that whilst the brain may not always be the CAUSE of back pain, it is often the reason that back pain will not go away.

Study after study has shown that long term back pain causes changes in the brain. 

This is what we call Brain Plasticity. 
1. Extensive reorganization of primary somatosensory cortex in chronic back pain patients

"These data suggest that chronic pain is accompanied by cortical reorganization and may serve an
 important function in the persistence of the pain experience."

2. Chronic Back Pain Is Associated with Decreased Prefrontal and Thalamic Gray Matter Density

 "Our results imply that Chronic Back Pain is accompanied by brain atrophy and suggest 
that the pathophysiology of chronic pain includes thalamocortical processes"

But What Does This Mean?

This basically means that you are stuck in a cycle. 

Your pain is changing your brain, and those changes are maintaining your pain.

Long term back pain is having far more of an influence on you than you realise.

And you should be concerned.

Studies are now showing a correlation between long term back pain 
and depression, and even alzeimers.

The Good News Is...
Research has also shown that correct muscle training can influence brain plasticity positively:
Influence of paravertebral muscles training on brain plasticity and postural control in chronic low back pain.
[Massé-Alarie, Beaulieu, Preuss, Schneider, 2011]

"This original study presents how motor control exercises can influence brain plasticity and postural control in chronic low back pain. This knowledge will impact on the decision of clinicians to prescribe specific exercises with a view of improving motor control in this musculoskeletal condition."
FACT #3 Stress is the No.1 cause of back pain (*17,18)
There is a DIRECT correlation between stress, muscle tension and consequently back pain.

You may have noticed that right up in that list of ‘life events’ that cause your brain to stop recruiting the core muscles, was STRESS.


Why does stress switch off the core muscles?

Well stress causes a MASSIVE rise in muscle tension globally in your body, particularly in your back.

You can’t help it. It’s automatic. When you get stressed, your brain secretes adrenalin and cortisol, (‘stress hormones’) and your movement muscles tighten.

I have seen it in my patients for years - you will either hold your stress in your neck and shoulders, or your gluteals (bum muscles). You are either an ‘Ear Hugger’ or a ‘Bum Clencher’. Guaranteed. You are either susceptible to low back and leg pain, or upper back, neck and shoulder pain. If you don’t believe me, watch yourself the next time you get stressed!

Did you ever watch the Honey Monster on T.V. as a kid? Well that’s you if you are an ‘Ear Hugger’!

Stress can cause you to hold high level muscles tension over many weeks, months and years, eventually resulting in a muscle spasm, from sheer muscle tension. Switching off your core, and perpetuating your back pain.

The muscles you tighten when stressed are your MOVEMENT MUSCLES. Not your core muscles.

This is because you are in conscious control of your movement muscles, and the brain is in control of your core muscles.

When we are looking at a long term, permanent solution to back pain, we have to consider ALL the contributing factors to muscle tension in the body.

For this reason, in my opinion, it is not possible to take control of your back pain without learning the art of relaxation - literally training yourself to be able to switch on the relaxation response in the body.

You can spend 6 weeks re-activating your core, re-balancing your muscles, doing everything right, and then knock it all out by failing to manage and control the effects of stress on your body. 

That daily argument with your colleague at work could be contributing more than you realise to your ongoing long term back pain.

Controlling the impact of stress on your perpetual back pain is 
what I call a COMPLETE back pain resolution plan. 
A plan that contains no holes and doesn’t skip the important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle just to get you from A-Z as fast as possible.

You Can Control The Impact of Stress On Your Back
The brain is just like a computer. You can program it as you wish - and control it if you understand it.

When you get stressed (even unknowingly) your brain enters what is known as 'Sympathetic Mode' (and it activates the release of all the stress hormones which cause your muscles to tighten)

When you are relaxed it enters 'Parasympathetic Mode' (and it activates the release of all the happy hormones such as endorphins, which cause your muscles to relax.

The fascinating thing about the brain is that you can FORCE it to switch into parasympathetic mode (like when you force quit a program on your computer), causing it to activate the release of endorphins instead of cortisol and adrenalin.

One example of this is when someone has a panic attack. You give them a paper bag to breath in and out of. This changes the concentration of oxygen:carbon dioxide in the blood, switching the brain into parasympathetic mode, slowing the heart rate and slowing the breathing.

Cool huh?

There are many many simple techniques for TRAINING yourself to be able to switch your brain into Parasympathetic mode, and these MUST be included in any successful back pain resolution program. 
The Last Missing Link
As effective as this combination is, it is still not enough. 

There is still a missing link. 


Knowledge is power. 

Knowledge is control. 

Knowledge is motivation. 

Knowledge is EVERYTHING. 

It is VITAL that you COMPLETELY understand what has caused your back pain,  so you know what to avoid / include in future to ensure your back pain stays away.

If you don’t understand how you got back pain in the first place, you may repeat the exact same mistakes and end up there again. I’m not just going to give you fish, I am going to teach you how to fish. 

It's All In Your Hands Now 
You can carry on living a life of unrelenting pain, dreading every day, fearing every movement, OR you can take action to COMPLETELY take control of your back again. 

You can book those dance classes, get out the holiday brochure, pull out your gym kit, dust off your gardening tools. You can get planning a life of fun and adventure instead of being held captive in an invisible prison of pain and misery.

Back pain is the one thing I know, with absolute confidence, can be controlled, dramatically reduced, and in most cases, completely resolved.
The choice is yours.

This, surprisingly, is the easy bit. The hard bit has been your journey so far, wondering around from pillar to post ‘hoping’ something might work. Today is the day everything changes for you

The Only Person Who Can Resolve Your Back Pain 
Hopefully you now understand that there is NO magic pill you can take. No pill is EVER going to take your back pain away - EVER. Because no pill can reconnect your brain to your core stabilising muscles. No pill can relax & strengthen your movement muscles. No pill can re-train your muscles to carry out their birth-designated functions.

Only YOU can do that. Because only you can move your body and contract your muscles in the correct way. YOU are COMPLETELY in control of your back pain. Isn’t that GREAT news? You and only you are responsible from this day forth for the level of pain in your back.

Because you now have every single shred of knowledge you need to resolve it.

No Doctor, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Mattress, Shoe wedge, Injection, Rainbow or Unicorn is going to ‘take your pain away’ for you.

Resolving Muscular Back Pain Is 
An Achievable Goal 
With The Correctly Designed, 
Strategically Thought Through Program

There’s only 3 muscles you actually need to target to resolve back pain.
A program that is not specific and targeted is likely to completely MISS the 3 muscles that need re-training. Wasting time and effort.

You will have heard all sorts of different theories about different muscles that need to be targetted to resolve back pain. But in my investigations and experiences, all these other muscles are secondary to these core 3. 

Other muscles are often only a problem because these 3 are out of balance. 

Correct the cause, and everything else resolves by itself.

The most effective exercise program you can do 
MUST contain the following:

  • EDUCATION: Thorough understanding of the cause of your back pain is ESSENTIAL to your recovery
  •  STRETCHING: Stretching exercises that TARGET the ACTUAL muscles sending pain signals to your brain. M.E.T Stretches MUST be included to access the spinal reflex
  • STRENGTHENING: Strengthening exercises must be brought into play at EXACTLY the right time in your program - so they do not send you into spasm
  •  NEUROLOGICAL RE-PROGRAMING: CORRECT, neurologically EFFECTIVE core re-activation 
  •  RELAXATION TRAINING: Relaxation response training that EFFECTIVELY trains your brain to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system response

If your program doesn’t contain ALL of the above, you are wasting your time.

If your program contains MORE than the above, you are wasting your time.

Do not waste your time! Your life and mental health are at risk - you cannot afford to have another failed attempt to resolve your back pain. 

You need to MAKE SURE you are doing the very best, most COMPLETE program you can find.

Most programs I have seen are too global and not specific enough to be effective.

They also contain ALOT of gaps.

And they DON'T contain the unique combination of neurological re-programing, muscle rebalancing and relaxation triggering that is needed.

This is why I have created I have created 
The Soothe Method. 
This method is COMPLETELY unique. A world-first, with a thought-leading strategic, neurological re-programing mechanism, combining:
  •  Osteopathic M.E.T Stretches: To activate the deep spinal reflex
  •  Neurological Re-programing: Re-program your brain and re-activate your core
  •  Relaxation Training: Trigger your brain to switch on Parasympathetic mode at will
  •  Strength Training: Integrated EXACTLY at the right time to avoid spasms

If You Follow This Program You Will Gain Complete Control Of Your Back Pain

This Is A Back Pain Revolution
Never before have these elements been brought together in one program, to create a complete, super-focused, laser sharp solution to muscular back pain.

The Soothe Method Is 6 Week Intensive
Online Training Program
Guaranteed to bring you pain relief 
- or your money back! 

Here's The Magic...

Week 1: Core Activation

In week 1 I will train you how to CORRECTLY activate your Core Stability.
You will learn my ultimate back pain stretching program.
And you will learn the ancient powerful art of deep relaxation.

Week 2: Ultimate Stretching 

In week 2 your core activation training will have taken effect, allowing the muscles to start to relax and stretch out...this is when the magic begins to happen! Your back will start to feel flexible and 'free' as your muscles begin to 'melt'.

Week 3: Power Up

In week 3 you will learn my ultimate strengthening program. Your muscles will start their transition into strength and begin to restore their normal function. You will start to get some pain relief and your back will begin to feel stable and strong.

Week 4-6: The Home Run

In weeks 4-6 you will practice the whole program every day - taking a maximum of 
18-22 minutes. You will feel stronger by the day and see a daily reduction in your pain.
This Program Is Safe!

Created by an Osteopath,  tested by patients, online buyers and elite athletes for 10 years, the Soothe Method is completely safe for muscular back pain, removing the fear of damaging your back further.

You can throw yourself into the practice, taking yourself through the exercises fully, rather than holding back.

This enables you to ENJOY the process, feeling relaxed & excited rather than fearful and anxious of making your back pain worse.

The fear & anticipation of back pain is in itself a contributing factor to increasing back pain (*27). Let's remove that fear and charge forward with excitement and full effort! 

The Exercises Are Simple & Easy To Learn

The last thing you need when you are starting a program for back pain is to be confused and stressed about learning complicated movements. Stress increases back pain and we don't want that!

You will easily learn these movements, and very quickly be able to practice them yourself without having to refer back to the videos

You will feel confident & secure, knowing you have mastered the program for life!

This Program Is Very Short

This program can be conveniently fitted into your day. You can look forward to doing your exercises without fear of failure. You will EASILY be able to commit to the 6 weeks as the daily input from you is minimal and achievable.

Taking only 18-21 minutes, You will be able to guarantee that you will have time to follow the program - anyone can find 18 minutes right?

Consider how much longer it takes you to do everything at the moment. Sometimes just getting out of bed can take you 10 minutes. 

After only a couple of days those 18 minutes will 'magically' appear, simply by you being able to move around quicker and save time on your other daily activities.

This Program Is Targeted To Only 3 Muscles

The secret to success is in focusing on the fundamental cause of muscular back pain, cutting out the time-wasting exercises that make you bored and tired. Fast-track your recovery, covering all bases, side-step time-wasting exercises. You will receive a COMPLETE program - without any gaps. Fully utilising the body’s self-corrective abilities.

By targeting ONLY the muscles responsible for back pain you will save time, effort and disappointment. Every single exercise you practice has a very clear, focused, targeted purpose. 

That feeling that you may be wasting your time, stabbing in the dark - will be gone. You are NOT stabbing in the dark. You have found the pot of gold at the end of your search to a solution for your back pain. Instead, feel confident, that you have made the right decision - not missing any gaps. No guess work, no wondering if this is the right program

Imagine feeling so confident in a program that you actually allow yourself to feel excited and look forward to your pain free life, knowing that it is just a question of TIME. No longer IF you get better, but now WHEN you get better. You will no longer live a hopeless, pessimistic life. 

Wouldn’t that be nice?

This Core Activation Program WORKS!

Finally learn a core reactivation program that works. In only 3 days your core muscles will be functioning

Imagine doing 2 simple exercises that ‘magically’ re-activate your core - without any sit-ups! Core re-activation is simple, easy and painless. By-pass all the personal training advice and get straight to the brain - the master controller of the body. Core-reactivation is NEUROLOGICAL - and completely unaffected by sit-ups.

Would you like to feel a little bit smug, knowing that you are in the top 1% of the population that truely understands what core stability is, and how to re-activate it? 

Would you like to feel clarity instead of confusion? Would you like to stop dreading sit-ups, stop feeling bad for not doing them, and stop feeling like a ‘loser’ because you can’t do them and can’t see how to re-activate your core without them? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to confidently have a conversation with anyone about core stability and be able to give them the actual FACTS? You can! In only one 20 minute lecture you will be a complete core stability know-all!
PLUS... As A FREE Bonus... 
You Also Get Lifetime Access To My
"7 Secrets To Resolving Back Pain" Video Series
Watch the "7 Secrets" Training videos as many times as you like at your own convenience 

Complete With A Printable Poster

Take your 7 Secrets Formula with you wherever you go, so you never forget what you have learned!
The Best Education Pack You Could Dream Of
In this program, you are doing so much more than exercises, 
you are investing in your education and future
After 1 hour of starting this program, you will be know more about back pain than you ever dreamed possible.

Knowledge is EVERYTHING to Coby - and she equips you like you are off to climb a mountain - because you HAVE to understand why you are in pain.

You aren’t going to just learn an exercise program, and blindly trust Coby, not knowing why. You are going to receieve a FULL explanation of every single step of the program - for every single exercise. 

You will know EXACTLY why you are doing each exercise and exactly what it is going to achieve

These explanation lectures will motivate you to keep going. You will feel excited and confident, because you know exactly what is going on in your back and exactly what you are doing to change it. You will feel clarity, understanding what the goal is, what the path is, and how long it will take to get there.

 You will also understand what you do on a daily basis to stop it working - and be able to self-manage your recovery, guaranteeing your success.

Why You Shouldn't Buy This Program
Successful pain relief is reliant on correct information delivered in a way you can understand.

If you are looking for a fancy all-singing all dancing studio based TV-standard video program, then this isn’t for you. There's non of that here!

The Soothe Method is just simple videos shot in my clinic, kitchen and lounge. It's very 'amateur' filming to be honest!

But if you’re looking for incredible content, world class advice, and answers to all your unanswered questions, giving you the knowledge you need to get your life back on track, then you are in the right place!  

This is a warts-and-all series. Because thats I wanted to produce. 

No bells, no whistles, just knowledge and results.

Authentic, fact and evidence based videos, un-influenced by anyone else. 

Just me and my camera. 

(Oh... and some of my favourite tunes.)

This Program Is Not A Quick Fix!
The Soothe Method is proven by the test of time to be the FASTEST, and most EFFECTIVE, long term solution to your muscular back pain.

If you're looking for a 'Quick Fix" to your back pain then this program is definitely not for you. 

I only create programs that I know will deliver on my promise. And my promise to you is dramatic, sustainable pain relief. I can't achieve that in less than 6 weeks. It's not anatomically possible!

If you want an instant, temporary pain relief solution - head on over to my youtube channel; www.youtube.com/sootheclinic

This Program Will Save You A Fortune!
Invest In Yourself, Invest In Your Future
Stop the endless spend on products in the bottomless search for a cure to your back pain.

Stop paying for bad advice - start educating yourself so that you are in control - and not at the mercy of other people’s opinions and limited knowledge.

When you control your back pain, you won’t have to fork out regular amounts of money, not knowing when it will end. No budgetting, no fear, no stress.

You are investing in your future, learning a skillset and knowledge base that will remain with you forever. Equipping you for life with knowledge and tools to completely control, manage and prevent your back pain.You will never again feel a victim of back pain after this training.

Instead of feeling controlled by, or at the mercy of your back pain, not knowing if your funds will run out before your back pain ceases, you will feel relaxed, confident, and a little bit secure, knowing your one small investment is saving you hundreds of pounds in endless products and treatments.
What Do You Get?
When you compare the option of following exercises in the comfort of your own home for 6 weeks to trecking backwards and forward to  treatments for a year, it’s a no-brainer right? 

No driving, no parking, no scheduling an hour out of your day. More importantly - No disapointment. Your time is precious. Take control! 

Once you learn the 4 simple stretches, the 2 core activation exercises, the 5 minute relaxation activation, the simple strengthening series, you will be able to practice this program without the videos - on the beach if you so wish! Or whilst watching Coronation Street! 

You will be able to take this program with you in your i-pad anywhere you are in the world - you will be in control of your pain, for the first time in a very long time.

Here's What Soothe Method Graduates Have To Say... 
"Without this course I would have been consigned to a life reliant on painkillers and feeling like a victim of my unreliable, excruciating back.....
this course saw me through some of the darkest moments of pain and immobility to take me through the other side to a life where I am pain free and in control. 

Coby's knowledge and support are invaluable. Don't hesitate... sign up - your back will love you for it. I was sceptical and didn't believe anything was going to work.....its hard graft and you have to be dedicated but it's so worth it."
Debbie, May 2018
"Coby's program has really helped. I went from hardly being able to bend down, to being able to do a full day's gardening without pain."

Tony, April 2018
"I was surprised and delighted by the support. It was really encouraging to receive replies and answers to my queries"

Debbie, May 2018
"In early March this year, thinking I had nothing to lose, I purchased Coby Langford’s 6 week Exercise Program. After 2 weeks of religiously following the program every day, my back had improved noticeably.

By the end of the 6 week program my back had gone from chronic pain of 9 out of 10 down to about 3/10. I have continued doing the stretching program every morning.

I can now get out of bed and stand up straight rather than bent over for the first few minutes. I no longer have constant pain. I can now bend over to pick something up off the floor without experiencing pain.

I can now stand up for hours knowing I will not be in a lot of pain for the rest of the day and unable to sleep due to the pain. I no longer have to take medication just to obtain some respite from the pain. I no longer have to pretend I am pain free when I am with my friends (no one likes to hear someone whinging continuously).

Prior to using this program I was becoming seriously concerned about how I would manage moving forward. Being a very active and sporty person this was a huge problem for me. I am just so excited and so, so grateful for this program. It has absolutely given me back my life!"

Sydney, Australia
What Does The Soothe Method Cost?
I want EVERY SINGLE back pain sufferer in the world to have access to this program, because I want to help stop the depression, stop the loss of family quality time, stop the waste of life, stop the suicides. 

Which is why I am heavily discounting this program.

The entire Soothe Method, including the FREE 7 Secrets Video Series Bonus and my Back Pain 1st Aid Kit is yours for a mere £97. 
(equivalent to the cost of 2 Osteopathic / Chiropractic treatments.) 

The equivalent to 32 Starbuck lattes. Just stop the lattes for a month and you’ve got your Soothe Method covered! 

And you’ve got your life back.

I am sure that there are still so many reasons why you are unsure about trying this program, so I am going to make this a 100% RISK FREE offer for you. 

Because I KNOW you are scared, and I know you have tried exercises before, but I want to PROVE to you that everything in this whole report is TRUE, and you don’t need to suffer in silence anymore. 

I don’t want you to have to continue pretending you are ‘fine’ when you are actually in agony. I want you to BE fine and enjoy your life.

The Soothe Method is the most effective, safe, time efficient and truly UNIQUE back pain resolution program available. If you are not 100% bowled-over with it and your results, I will refund your full payment under my 10 day money back guarantee - no questions asked. You will also get to keep your 2 bonuses  "The 7 Secrets to Resolving Back Pain" video series & my "Back Pain 1st Aid Kit"  for life - because I want you to resolve your back pain, and for that you need this knowledge!

Extra Special Bonus
For The Next 48 Hours Only....
I am offering every person who purchases The Soothe Method a 15 minute Skype consultation with me. 

I know....crazy right?

A  consultation with me face to face costs £90. And I am offering it to you FREE as part of The Soothe Method training.

THAT'S how much I want to help you live a life without back pain

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much time will I need to commit each week?
Your first 2 weeks will require a little extra time as you will be learning the exercises but it still will take less than 30 minutes a day.

Once you have learned the exercises the whole program will take you around 20-22 minutes a day for the last 4 weeks.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
Are there any back conditions that should not do this program?
Yes. If you have an active disc bulge with CURRENT leg pain, you should NOT do this program. If you have a very old disc injury and no longer have leg pain, and this condition is considered chronic, this program will be safe for you. The reason for this is that ACUTE disc injuries need to avoid rotation and this program contains rotation to stretch out the back.

If you have a spondylolysthesis or spinal fracture you should NOT do this program.

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